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Torchlight Parade & Fireworks

Fireworks over the snow and torchlight sking guide you to a fantastic world.
Come make unforgettablewinter memories at Okushiga Kogen!

2019.12.31 Count down fireworks
2020.2.14 Valentine's Day Torchlight Prade

Ref. Okushiga Kogen Hotel (0269-34-2034)

Ehomaki good fortune sushi rolls at the gondola summit!

A setsubun beginning of spring will be held on Sunday, February 2.
Sweets in the shape of ehomaki good fortune sushi rolls will be given out free around the gondola summit.

Free children's lift tickets on ski kids' day!

The third Sunday of every month is "ski kids' day," and lift tickets for children elementary scool age ofr younger eill be free.
Enjoy Okushiga Kogen to your heart's content with family and friends!

2019.12.15 / 2020.1.19 / 2.16 / 3.15 / 4.19

Snowshoe Week 2019 in Okushiga

walk the residual snowpack on the Shirakaba Enro Course with snowshoese.
Guides will accompany hikers every day during snowshoe week.
Courses in how to walk with snowshoes are provided too, so even beginners can participate with peace of mind.

2020.4.4(wed) - 12(sun)

All-Kapan snowshoeing race Okushiga tournament held

2020.4.11(sat) - 12(sun)
A 12 km long course and 5 km middle course snowshoe competition will be held.

See the japan Snoeshoeing Federation website for details such as how to sign up and qualifications for participating.

Spring early morning operation

[ Okuishiga High Speed Pair No.2 ]
AM 6:30 - 8:00 on
2020.3.20 / 21 / 22 / 28 / 29
2020.4.4 / 5 / 11 / 12 / 18 / 19

Early Bird

[ Okushiga Gondora, High speed Pair No.2 & High Speed Pair No.3 ]
Am 6:00 - 8:00 on
2020.4.25 / 26 / 27 /5.3-6

Spring ski Thanksgiving day

Ride the lifts and gather stampimpressions to win great prizes this winter season !
The lucky draw wikk be at 14:00.
Date : 2020.5.3 to 4